What's In A Logo? March 26, 2016 17:15

What’s in a logo?

My father was an artist.  He raised nine kids on painting.  I was in the Art Institute Of Chicago seemingly constantly.  Never went to Disney, but I got to see many exhibits of all of the great art names.  Though I didn’t think much about it at the time, I absorbed a love for looking at things.

My tastes tend to gravitate toward graphic design more than Gauguin.  I love logos.  

As long as I can remember, I also had an affinity for gas station signs.  When we travelled, I liked how different regions had different brands of stations.

I had a Sinclair Oil storage facility in my hometown.  I always loved their dinosaur logo.  It looked especially cool on the huge storage tanks.   

I wanted one of those.  I love the clean lines and simple, to the point look.  Plus, as I was having to do the design work myself, the simpler the better.  Win win for me!

So I played around with colors and fonts.  I finally settled on green, gray and white, along with my finest, gas station worthy, signage motif.